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About us

The Phonix Band is a 9-piece Canadian funk, soul and R&B party band from Vancouver BC. Since forming in June 2009, the Phonix has performed at nearly 400 weddings, events and festivals. If it’s funky and will make you dance, the Phonix want to play it! All 9 of them share a love for the likes of James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Earth Wind and Fire.

Over the years, the Phonix has spent countless hours hunting for great hits, transcribing them and entering those transcriptions, note by note, into Finale notation software. That effort has led to a vast and ever growing sheet music library that is now Party Band Sheet Music.

In the beginning, the band's horn section consisted of two trumpets, one trombone, tenor sax and bari sax. Hence the 5-horn arrangements of many Tower of Power tunes and others that you'll find here. Since 2011, the horn section has consisted of trumpet, tenor sax and bari sax. For this reason, there are more 3-horn arrangements on this site than there are 5-horn arrangements. The rhythm section has always consisted of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, so all our rhythm section transcriptions include parts for these instruments.

All these charts have been tried and tested in real gig environments and have satisfied the needs of many musicians who have needed to learn the music quickly and perform it flawlessly on stage. That said, our transcribing ears are only human, after all, and we don't profess to be perfect. If you find errors in our charts, we'd appreciate you telling us about them so we can fix them up...and of course, if the mistakes are bad enough, we'll probably even give you your money back too!

If you're like us, you know it's not easy finding horn and rhythm section charts online. Most sheet music is simply Piano/Vocal arrangements, and that's not much help to a 7 to 10-piece band! We've worked tirelessly to prepare sheet music that is ready for the bandstand so that you don't have to. Let's keep the love for this music alive by performing it everywhere!

Long live the funk!



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