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Band and Artist Management Software for Modern Bandleaders

Are you a band manager or bandleader who is tired of spending countless hours in your office chasing emails and wrangling musicians? Are you having a tough time keeping on top of paying your bandmates or building set lists all the time? Or maybe you don't enjoy fiddling with contracts and invoices for your gigs?

Imagine an app that could save you 80% of your admin time by automating all your mundane tasks and keeping everything organized. With just a few clicks, you could book your musicians and even pay them automatically when the gig is done. What if you could build set lists that were interactive so that musicians could click on individual songs to access reference recordings, sheet music, lyrics, tempos and more? You could even email with clients, create invoices and contracts with a click of a button and even process payments!

Well...imaging no more!

The team behind Party Band Sheet Music is super excited to announce a partnership with Back On Stage app - band software for modern bandleaders!

The developers behind Back On Stage are bandleaders themselves. After over a decade running a 9-piece event band and being frustrated by the lack of good software that could provide the necessary tools for running a band, they built it themselves.

band management software app


Back On Stage is a web app that works in any browser on any device. Just log on to access this super app and this incredible list of features, all jam packed into a clean interface that is streamlined for band management.

Band and Musician Management Features:

artist management software

  1. Auto-Book band members
  2. Create & share gig details
  3. Share files
  4. Auto-Pay musicians
  5. Share tasks
  6. Private chat for each gig
  7. Auto Musician invoices
  8. Track income/expenses per gig
  9. Google calendar integration
  10. Social media post scheduler

Client Care Features:

  1. Lead capture form (embeddable 'get quote' form for your band's website)
  2. Customizable auto client follow-up emails
  3. Built-in email 
  4. Auto contract and invoice generator
  5. Electronic signatures
  6. Client invoice tracking
  7. Accept online payments
  8. 'Add a tip' option on invoices

Music Library Features:

Set list builder inside back on stage artist management software

  1. Bulk upload song data
  2. Bulk edit existing song data
  3. Drag and drop setlists
  4. Interactive "Smart Set Lists"
  5. Share notes, PDFs, Video links and MP3 files
  6. Smart PDF distribution - display the right PDF to the right musician
  7. Setlist duration calculator
  8. Clickable metronome for each song
  9. Assign songs to vocalists
  10. Free to use for all musicians!

Back On Stage is the most affordable assistant you could ever hire...and best of all, it's free for musicians - only bandleaders pay a fee (and it's hella low!)

Get Started Today

The team at Party Band Sheet Music has been using Back On Stage since January 2020 and we can say that it is, hands down, the best band management software we have ever seen. It's a total no-brainer for any band.

Go checkout Back On Stage and see what you think.

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